Useful Tips for Welding INCONEL 625 TUBE FITTINGS

Useful Tips for Welding INCONEL 625 TUBE FITTINGS

Inconel is nickel-based material shows a high nickel-chromium content. These components are known for their extreme heat tolerance capacity. Here, Inconel 625 is a material also known as UNS N06625 alloy or Inconel tubing material. INCONEL 625 TUBE FITTINGS are the product with a high degree of tensile strength and ability to work at high-temperature ranges where other metals burn or melts. Here, these parts are heated at their melting point to fuse them. INCONEL 625 TUBE FITTINGS are famous for temperature resistance ability, and hence welding of Inconel material is slightly tricky or impossible. 

Things to remember

Following are the various things need to consider while performing welding of INCONEL 625 TUBE FITTINGS:

1. Weld Inconel 625 using Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)

Inconel 625 grade has the too high melting point, and it becomes difficult to join two different Inconel workpieces if they are large. The joining of Inconel 625 grade through the welding process. A welding process combines Inconel pieces at high temperatures using a filler material. It is the best method to perform welding of Inconel alloys. Also, several experienced welding professionals suggest the TIG welding procedure. It is the process that uses a filler material. Further, the electrical arc welding process does not require a filler material. Hence, it is most suggested for Inconel welding due to its ability to combine two alloy pieces without enabling its cracking.

2. Use Inconel 625 for filler material

For obtaining the best results from Inconel welding, it is essential to use Inconel 625 filler metal.  Here, the filler metal is one of the most straightforward Inconel alloys suitable for welding two Inconel portions. More comfortable melting point is the reason for choosing Inconel 625 in place of several other elements. When the two joining components differ from one another, then it can cause a problem. There might be a chance of bimetallic corrosion or thermal expansion after exposing them to high temperature in such cases. For welding of INCONEL 625 TUBE FITTING, alloy one can use Inconel welding filler material.

3. Use an automated machine to perform welding of Inconel 625

For the accomplishment of welding manually, an inconsistent process is best suited. Here, the initial few welds might be inadequate as the welder reaches the groove. But the next few welds are the best, and then welder needs to produce rest of the welds with the same motion. Here, he or she may suffer fatigue due to repeated movements over and over. The same thing may happen with the person holding a boiling welding device that is partially melting a super heat-resistant metal, and then it may invite disaster.