Duplex Tube Fittings V/S Super Duplex Tube Fittings

Duplex is a material that offers high resistance against stress corrosion and cracking. Duplex tube fittings are suitable to work in the chloride-containing environment. Also, super duplex grade offers the ability to work in the presence of hydrogen sulfide. The duplex grade has high mechanical strength and capacity to work at high-temperature range. Duplex tube fittings show good fatigue and mechanical strength as it has physical properties as well. Here, duplex alloy offers the good working ability, weldability and formability features. The material grades are designed and developed for heavy load engineering operations due to its strength. 

For the production of the tube, fittings require high-end manufacturing procedures and high-quality raw materials. Tube fittings are available in precise dimensions and tolerance capacity. The stainless steel is processed for quenching, tempering, and other procedures. Also, tube fittings go through various procedures, including finishing, matte finish, sand brushing, etc. 

Duplex tube fittings 

Here, in Duplex tube fittings, duplex type of stainless steel is used, which has the mixture of ferrite and austenite microstructure. Duplex tube fittings consist of 50-50 concentration of elements. The duplex grade is commercially available material contains a 60/40 ratio. These tube fittings show improved strength due to austenitic stainless steel grade. Besides, duplex tube fittings show enhanced resistance to corrosion, pitting, crevice and stress conditions. Duplex tube fittings show the presence of 19 to 20% chromium, 5 % molybdenum and a lower concentration of nickel. These elements are present in less amount compared to austenitic stainless steel. The duplex tube fittings are a product with double mechanical properties and resistance to cracking. Also, these tube fittings are malleable and brittleness at 50-degree C. 

Super duplex tube fittings

Stainless steel 2507 is a material grade that contains 22% chromium, 5% nickel, 25% chromium, and 7% nickel. The material grade is known as the super duplex due to its high resistance capacity. Besides, super duplex tube fittings show better stress and corrosion due to its mechanical properties. Super duplex tube fittings consist of elements like iron, chromium, nickel along with molybdenum. These tube fittings of super duplex show good resistance to stress and corrosion. Besides, it can hoist in conventional grades. Super duplex tube fittings are ideal for offshore and onshore applications due to high resistance.