Hastelloy C276 is a super alloy with a perfect composition of nickel, molybdenum, and chromium. Also, there is an additional trace of tungsten, which offers an excellent form of corrosion-resistant. Also, it makes Hastelloy C276 suitable to work smoothly in extreme environments. These components also help in resisting crevice corrosion and pitting in reducing the environment. Chromium is useful to convey resistance to work in oxidizing conditions. HASTELLOY C276 is helpful in forming flanges, tubes, bars, machining, and elbow designs well. Additionally, the material works well for the preparation of plates, tubes, wires, and fittings.


HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS are available in premium quality that are reliable for various applications. Specifically, these tube fittings are useful in pollution control units, chemical processing plants, paper and pulp mills, and several other areas. HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS works well to offer excellent corrosion resistance conditions. The material grade has higher molybdenum and nickel content, which offers additional resistance against crevice and pitting. Also, these HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS works well in reducing and oxidizing. These products are capable of producing grain boundary precipitation. And hence, these tube fittings are suitable for various chemical processing applications and welding procedures. HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS are useful in bleach plans and digesters of the paper industry. Additionally, mixers, filters, evaporators, and heat exchangers useful in sulfuric acid conditions require HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS. Sulfuric acid requires HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS.

Features and characteristics of HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS

HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS are the most versatile product that has strong corrosion resistance ability. The material exhibits excellent resistance to work in various chemical processing environments, such as solutions containing cupric chlorides and ferrites. Additionally, HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS can offer the ability to serve in environments having hot contaminated organic and inorganic compounds, traces of chlorine, formic, acetic acids, etc. Also, these fittings can resist seawater, brine, hypochlorite, and chlorine dioxide solutions as well.

HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS has excellent corrosion resistance in reducing solutions. Also, they show brilliant resistance against robust oxidizing solutions containing cupric and ferric chlorides. HASTELLOY C276 TUBE FITTINGS has a lower carbon content that decreases precipitation during the welding procedures.